Unit4 Business World helps not-for-profit organizations and NGOs to deliver operational transparency to donors, streamline and automate administrative processes, to make better-informed decisions with timely and accurate financial analysis so that they can focus on what really matters.



Unit4 Business World is a world-renowned solution for educational institutions to improve student recruitment and retention, increase funding and project management for research, track and report on key institutional metrics.



Unit4 Business World helps professional services organizations to grow revenue and profits, gain business insights and success for projects and empower them to provide superior service.



Unit4 Business World On! guarantees the public services sector financial and operational reliability, allowing the processes to run properly in moments of economic turbulence with restricted budget.



  • Unit4 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): Unit4 Business World (formerly Agresso) was designed from the ground up to enable organizations to embrace most (>95%) forms of business changes themselves easily, quickly and cost effectively, without requiring intervention from IT experts.

  • Procurement Management: Unit4 Business World Procurement Management Edition (formerly Agresso Procurement Management) is designed for organisations that constantly face changing internal and external needs.

  • Financial Consolidation & Group Reporting: Unit4 Consolidation (formerly OCRA) is a powerful and easy-to-use turnkey solution designed specifically to help multi-company and international organisations deliver group reporting and accounting swiftly, simply and consistently.

  • Finance and Analytics: Unit4 Business World Financials Edition (formerly Agresso Financials) is designed for organisations that constantly face changing internal and external demands. This enterprise software package combines Unit4 Financials “multi-everything” (multi-company, multi-currency, multilingual) with Unit4 Business World reporting and analytics capabilities to offer you powerful tools to meet the diverse information requirements of users across a huge range of customers – from small, specialised enterprises, through to large and complex, national or international organisations.

  • People and Project Management: Unit4 Business World People & Project Management Edition (formerly Agresso People & Project Management) is designed for organisations that constantly face changing internal and external needs. This enterprise software package allows organisations to get the best from their most important asset – its people, while having full control over direct, indirect and project-related costs. Additionally, the Project Management module allows organisations to implement the best project management practices for project-based industries.

  • Travel & Expenses Management: Unit4 Travel & Expenses software is designed to simplify expense management, taking the pain out of submitting and tracking expenses and enabling users to enter transactions and receipts on the go. Maintain complete visibility with ERP/Financial software integration.

  • GCON4 Exchange Rates Loader: GCON4 Exchange Rates Loader allows you to update the exchange rates to Unit4 Business World automatically from OANDA services.

GCON4 MFL: GCON4 MFL is an innovative, indispensable tool that streamlines and significantly reduces time to perform data migration & maintenance of Unit4 Business World. GCON4 MFL allows user to bulk import and update master data, associated relations, flexi-fields and document archives easily and rapidly, significantly reducing both implementation and maintenance time and cost.



  • International Managed Support: GCON4 provides comprehensive and reliable support for the management of Unit4 Business World and helping you to optimize the potential of your ERP system. GCON4 helps to alleviate the challenges of your internal support team, enabling you to gain focus to your core business.

  • Upgrade to Unit4 Business World On! Upgrading to Unit4 Business World On! offers multiple benefits to your business, users, IT team and system administrators. Your organization will experience greater value from the latest capabilities, updates, technical improvements, and workflow innovations released since the last update. GCON4 provides reliable & highly competent upgrading services for Unit4 Business World users.

  • Implementation of Unit4 Business World in Latin America: Localize your implementation of Unit4 Business World for your subsidiaries in Latin America with the extensive knowledge and expertise of GCON4 in the region.

  • Implementation services: GCON4’s global team of experienced consultants has a best-of-class understanding of Unit4 Business World. Our proven methodology adapts to the different requirements of your sector.

  • Solution development: Your company evolves. You need to adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the market. Bespoke software will serve you best. What about interfaces with other systems? Standard functionalities that don’t suit your processes?


Unit4 Business World makes processes much more efficient by automating tasks, suggesting actions and providing valuable insights and business context to decisions. It's built to adapt to the changing needs of business and people, rather than forcing them to follow static processes.

We are a textbook model for an organisation that lives in constant change, and our software systems did not have the agility to keep up. We wanted the ability to make changes ourselves, quickly, which we can get from the Unit4 solution, but that we didn’t see elsewhere in the market.

Director of Finance, Cranfield University

The global Unit4 implementation will allow us to be true to one of our five core values which is Accountability – we take personal responsibility for using our resources efficiently, achieving measurable results, and being accountable to supporters, partners and, most of all, children.

Save the Children

We exist in a dynamic and fast changing project-based environment and from the wide range of products we looked at, Unit4's solution was the only one which could deliver comprehensive project accounting and management information to the standards we require.

Project Manager, WSP

GCON4 had guided the institute to a successful go live within 6 months. They had gone the extra mile to understand our business processes and has the ability to harmonize conflicting interest by offering technical options and knowledge sharing based on previous implementation experiences.

Isaac Kihara, ICT Business Systems Coordinator, ILRI

The implementation of Unit4 Business World was a success.... CIAT was able to go live much earlier than planned because of the commitment of GCON4 who had gone the extra mile to understand the organizational processes and people during the implementation. GCON4 is among our trusted suppliers

Mario Andres Velasquez, Project Manager, CIAT



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