Streamlined and powerful group consolidation and financial performance reporting

Consolidation & Group Reporting

Unit4 Consolidation (formerly OCRA) is a powerful and easy-to-use turnkey solution designed specifically to help multi-company and international organisations deliver group reporting and accounting swiftly, simply and consistently.

Solution advantages

Unit4 Consolidation (formerly OCRA) reconciles and combines the accounts from across a group of companies (and various separate ERP, accounting and other business systems) in a single consolidated group for statutory and management reporting:

  • Group consolidation: Guides users through consolidation as a step-by-step process flow. Multiple consolidation and sub-consolidation levels can be defined, fully integrated, and kept in sync. Changes roll up into higher levels and are available for drilldown.
  • Reporting and analysis: Reporting and consolidation of actual, budgeted and forecast figures, as well as an unlimited number of user-defined versions, ensure true comparatives are available at all times. In addition, multi-dimensional reporting provides more in-depth insight into operational performance.

Solution capabilities

Unit4 Consolidation (formerly OCRA) includes a powerful auto-consolidation tool to eliminate hours of manual consolidation work. You can gather data from all the companies or divisions at the click of a button. Your people can rapidly work through each level of the group and make the few remaining manual checks and adjustments required in each one. Scheduling Scheduling enables various tasks to be planned and executed automatically. You can even schedule the locking or unlocking of versions or periods to control user access and enable or prevent further changes from being made to the data.

The auto-consolidation engine offers you a step-by-step approach to group consolidation, taking you through the relevant process for each level of the company structure.

As part of the consolidation process, Unit4 Consolidation enables central costs or overheads to be easily allocated to individual subsidiaries or divisions or between other user-defined dimensions.

Intercompany and currency netting
Unit4 Consolidation (formerly OCRA) lets different netting methods to be applied to preliminary and final netting, depending on statutory regulations and group policy. Netted payments can be transferred back for matching to AR and AP, and a net payment file is created and sent to the payment system. The result is a significant reduction in the number of payments/transactions, practically eliminating their internal and external costs. Currency netting also minimises currency volumes and the number of foreign exchange payments, reducing all foreign exchange-related costs.

Performance reporting
Unit4 Consolidation performance reporting gives you a digital bird’s eye view – a multidimensional insight into the entire group, down to the lowest balance and transaction level. It is an indispensable tool for everyday work, helping you do an impressive job, whatever the economic climate.


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