Top tier, global accounting system to keep up with business changes

Finance and analytics

Unit4 Business World Financials Edition (formerly Agresso Financials) is designed for organisations that constantly face changing internal and external demands. This enterprise software package combines Unit4 Financials “multi-everything” (multi-company, multi-currency, multilingual) with Unit4 Business World reporting and analytics capabilities to offer you powerful tools to meet the diverse information requirements of users across a huge range of customers – from small, specialised enterprises, through to large and complex, national or international organisations.


Unit4 Business World ERP advantages

With Unit4 Business World Financials Edition (formerly Agresso Financials), customers can not only meet all statutory accounting and reporting duties, but are much better placed to minimise risks, respond to change and seize opportunities.

  • Easier regulatory compliance: CFOs can overcome mounting regulatory pressures by enabling end-to-end compliance across a wide range of regulatory regimes.
  • Better business visibility: Unlike many of its competitors, Unit4 Business World is purpose built to “get information out”. The data model can grow and be moulded in any way relevant to the organisation and its users.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity: The ease and speed of reporting means that managers can concentrate on running the business more effectively, as less staff time is required to produce standard reports.
    Unlimited perspectives of your operations: Users can view and present the same base information from the most relevant angle for a particular purpose or audience.
  • Consistent and accurate information delivery: Publish enquiries, reports and graphical interfaces to websites, portals and intranets, with unlimited roll-up, drill-down and “drill-around” capabilities.
  • Multiple tools to suit different situations: Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of other systems, Unit4 Business World understands that different reporting and analytic tools are needed for different levels of reporting complexity or user skill.

Unit4 Business World ERP capabilities

Financial management
Unit4 Business World Financials equips the office of the CFO with a top-tier core financial/accounting solution, including GL, AP, AR, asset accounting, and other core functions, as well as multi-company, multi-currency, and multi-lingual capabilities.

Easily meeting both statutory and management demands for information, the finance team can rely on Business World for rapid financial insights and answers to help minimise risks, respond to business change and seize opportunities.

Reporting & analytics
As an integral part of Unit4 Business World, these straightforward but powerful tools allow you to realise the full potential of Business World’s unique and extremely flexible information model. These tools continue to surprise every single Business World customer by delivering unlimited intelligence, analytics and insights to people at any level, even in the largest, most complex or diverse organisation.

Our integrated, intuitive analytics tools empower users to quickly and easily access the precise information they need. Thanks to Business World’s unique IT architecture, the reports always stay in sync with business or organisational changes, without having to call in IT experts.

Planning, budgeting & forecasting
Our comprehensive database-driven tools replace the use of multiple, disparate, unlinked spread sheets to assist organisations in the areas of financial planning and budgeting, resource planning, project planning, and forecasting.

Now, all participants in the planning and budgeting cycles,  even in the largest, most complex or fast-changing businesses, can access a “single version of the truth”, from which to plan and make decisions.

Social and collaboration tools
A range of smart, fully integrated social and collaboration tools play a major part in Business World’s outstanding usability and fine-tuned functionality. Context-based chat and screen-sharing features allow users to discuss and share information with colleagues and capture conversations in the context of the business, whether about an invoice, a project, a customer, a supplier, an expense claim, etc.

Mobile apps
Unit4 Business World keeps you connected with your team and the system, so you can work more conveniently and effectively, however and wherever you need to. It is designed for today’s mobile world and includes a range of sophisticated and intuitive apps.

Top Tier, Global Accounting System Designed for Everyday Users

Unit4 Financials Business places effective financial management in organizations, empowering users to make ongoing updates and keeping up with business changes


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