Localize your implementation of Unit4 Business World


Localization of Unit4 Business World in Latin America

GCON4, the international partner of Unit4 for Latin America, offers implementation services with their corresponding tax localization for international clients who wish to expand their ERP Unit4 Business World to their subsidiaries in Latin America. Our consulting team has extensive knowledge and experience with several established clients in the region.


Why GCON4?

  • International Unit4 distributor for Latin America
  • Highly experienced and multilingual consulting team: English and Spanish
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of Latin America
  • Has subsidiaries in Latin America
  • Successful Unit4 Business World implementations in Latin America


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If you need help with Unit4 Business World implementations in Latin America, do not hesitate to contact us.


GCON4 had guided the institute to a successful go live within 6 months. They had gone the extra mile to understand our business processes and has the ability to harmonize conflicting interest by offering technical options and knowledge sharing based on previous implementation experiences.

Isaac Kihara, ICT Business Systems Coordinator, ILRI

The implementation of Unit4 Business World was a success.... CIAT was able to go live much earlier than planned because of the commitment of GCON4 who had gone the extra mile to understand the organizational processes and people during the implementation. GCON4 is among our trusted suppliers.

Mario Andres Velasquez, Project Manager, CIAT


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