Optimised use of people and projects

People & Project Management

Unit4 Business World People & Project Management Edition (formerly Agresso People & Project Management) is designed for organisations that constantly face changing internal and external needs. This enterprise software package allows organisations to get the best from their most important asset – its people, while having full control over direct, indirect and project-related costs. Additionally, the Project Management module allows organisations to implement the best project management practices for project-based industries.

Solution advantages

With Unit4 Business World People & Project Management Edition (formerly Agresso People & Project Management), organisations not only improve profitability, but also employee satisfaction.

  • People & project management all in one: A key area of integration for people-centric organisations is linking HR and project management. People are set up in the Human Resources module and immediately become available for activities such as posting timesheets against projects and tasks, saving both time and money by reducing the duplication of data.
  • Full project visibility and control at any time: Out-of-the-box query tools provide project managers with complete visibility of the project. They can anticipate issues as early as possible, keep progress on track and ensure all targets are achieved (e.g. budgets, revenue, procurement, time and travel costs, deliverables, etc.)
  • Central hub for all HR information: Create comprehensive employee records with an unlimited variety of user-definable information fields, which can incorporate electronic documents (such as CVs, cover letters, etc.).
  • Improve people’s productivity and satisfaction: Functionalities such as competencies and detailed skills analysis in HR offer project managers a powerful resourcing tool when used in combination with Project Management to find the right people for the job.

Solution capabilities

Projects management
Project Planner, our integrated end-to-end project management solution, is the best way to optimise, automate and manage the people and processes involved. It covers the entire project lifecycle – from start through to resourcing and costing, and all the way to billing, reporting and analysis.

Because Unit4 Business World reflects business changes seamlessly and instantly, managers always have a comprehensive, accurate view of their project’s progress and detailed definition, costing and resourcing information needed for effective planning, coordination and decision-making.

People management
People management is the best way to manage people. Timesheets provides a graphic overview and intuitive control of all the hours spent on a project. The solution offers accurate reporting, controlling and processing of working hours and absences, even in times of change.

It also incorporates People Planner (formerly Resource Planning), which gives a fast, visual insight into your people’s availability and planned activities by project or department.

Human resources
Unit4 Business World helps you get the best from your organisation’s most important assets – your people. Your HR team gains a single point of control to access, process, operate and manage all aspects of the organisation’s hire-to-retire cycle and payroll functions.

Our solution offers a swift response to new organisational demands or legislation, so you can react to change, reduce ownership costs and keep HR information organised and under control, no matter how varied, fast-changing or intricate.

Travel & expenses
Expenses provides a complete platform to make the whole travel and expenses management process a better experience for both your organisation and your people. Shorten the time spent processing expenses and provide clarity for all involved.

Reporting & analytics
As an integral part of Unit4 Business World, these straightforward but powerful tools allow you to realise the full potential of its unique and extremely flexible information model. These tools continue to surprise every single customer by delivering unlimited intelligence, analytics and insights to people at any level, even in the largest, most complex or diverse organisation.

Our integrated, intuitive analytics tools empower users to quickly and easily access the precise information they need. Thanks to Unit4 Business World’s unique IT architecture, the reports always stay in sync with business or organisational changes, without having to call in IT experts.

Social & collaboration tools
A range of smart, fully integrated social and collaboration tools play a major part in Unit4 Business World’s outstanding usability and fine-tuned functionality. Context-based chat and screen-sharing features allow users to discuss and share information with colleagues and capture conversations in the context of the business, whether about an invoice, a project, a customer, a supplier, an expense claim, etc.

Mobile apps
Unit4 Business World keeps you connected with your team and the system, so you can work more conveniently and effectively, however and wherever you need to. It is designed for today’s mobile world and includes a range of sophisticated and intuitive apps.

Self-Driving ERP

Unit4 Business World makes processes much more efficient by automating tasks, suggesting actions and providing valuable insights and business context to decisions. It's built to adapt to the changing needs of business and people, rather than forcing them to follow static processes.


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