Streamlines procurement practises and minimizes costs effectively

Procurement Management

Unit4 Business World Procurement Management Edition (formerly Agresso Procurement Management) is designed for organisations that constantly face changing internal and external needs. This enterprise software package allows organisations to automate and standardise all stages of the procurement cycle from services requests, indirect purchasing and requisitioning to paying vendors.

Solution advantages

With Unit4 Business World Procurement Management Edition (formerly Agresso Procurement Management), organisations can monitor costs and streamline their procurement practices without sacrificing control, being equally suited for both centralised and de-centralised purchasing processes. It enables procurement managers to move away from day-to-day operational tasks and focus on managing and negotiating stronger supplier relationships, scrutinising spend and purchase decisions, and to ultimately evolve the procurement function from a cost to a profit centre.

  • Reduce maverick buying and strengthen relationships with suppliers: A single, centralised procurement solution provides the basis for clearer, more complete and accurate analysis of the organisation’s suppliers and spending patterns, enabling you to aggregate spending via preferred or strategic suppliers and negotiate better terms and prices.
  • Obtain better purchasing information with lower overheads: Users can “punchout” from within the purchase entry screen to collect accurate product and pricing information from suppliers’ marketplace portals or websites. This allows better accuracy and control, without incurring the overhead of in-house catalogue management.
  • Ensure full authorisation and budget control: Unit4 Business World workflow tools tailor authorisation and approval to match the requirements of each particular organisation, department or type of spend, making the process as simple or as multi-layered as you need it to be.
  • A single point of entry: Your people are given a single, easy-to-use screen for goods and services procurement. The same screen is used whether ordering: electronically from a marketplace, traditionally, by paper order, or from another department or area of the business. Procurement will automatically identify and apply the correct buying process specified for a particular employee or role. This boosts adoption rates internally and externally, as well as improving the visibility of the purchasing cycle

Solution capabilities

Workflow process automation
Automatically route approvals or modifications by supervisors, for example:

– Requisitions
– Purchase orders
– Internal orders
– Order confirmations
– Goods received
– Electronic invoices
– Purchase invoices
– Supplier invoices
-Schedule automatic reminders and status checks to identify bottlenecks.

Web requisitions
Control expenditure by using secure punchouts in supplier websites/marketplaces, automatically generate orders upon approval and perform advanced product searches.

Electronic purchasing
Supports EDI standards, order and invoice transfer, invoice receipting and automatic invoice matching.

Automated expenditure controls
Includes budget controls, authorisations linked to roles and user-defined spending limits, and also lets you monitor discrepancies between ordered quantities and/or invoiced amounts.

Invoice management
Document management for scanned invoices, XML data transfer support, optical character recognition (OCR) scanning, purchase order matching, workflow distribution and ledger posting.

Inventory management
– Stock valuation from an accounting perspective
– Batch and serial number control and traceability
– Customisable product search facilities
– Definition of rental items and support of date expiration
– Barcode scanning support
– Multiple warehouses and multiple locations within warehouse
– Batch input of stock transactions.

Reporting & analytics
As an integral part of Unit4 Business World, these straightforward but powerful tools allow you to realise the full potential of Business World’s unique and extremely flexible information model. These tools continue to surprise every single Business World customer by delivering unlimited intelligence, analytics and insights to people at any level, even in the largest, most complex or diverse organisation.

Our integrated, intuitive analytics tools empower users to quickly and easily access the precise information they need. Thanks to Business World’s unique IT architecture, the reports always stay in sync with business or organisational changes, without having to call in IT experts.

Social and collaboration tools
A range of smart, fully integrated social and collaboration tools play a major part in Business World’s outstanding usability and fine-tuned functionality. Context-based chat and screen-sharing features allow users to discuss and share information with colleagues and capture conversations in the context of the business, whether about an invoice, a project, a customer, a supplier, an expense claim, etc.

Mobile apps
Unit4 Business World keeps you connected with your team and the system, so you can work more conveniently and effectively, however and wherever you need to. It is designed for today’s mobile world and includes a range of sophisticated and intuitive apps.

Self-Driving ERP

Unit4 Business World makes processes much more efficient by automating tasks, suggesting actions and providing valuable insights and business context to decisions. It's built to adapt to the changing needs of business and people, rather than forcing them to follow static processes.


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