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Your company evolves. You need to adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the market. Bespoke software will serve you best. But what about interfaces with other systems? Standard functionalities don’t suit your processes?

There are a number of reasons why you need to be ready for change. Unit4 Business World is a solution for fast-changing organisations, a paramount for flexibility and adaptability. Unit4 Business World follows your business as it evolves.

GCON4 can provide you with the options that best fit your purpose, designing, developing and testing any enhancements needed. The R&D team in GCON4, which is made up of experienced exdevelopers for Unit4, knows the heart of the system and how to maximise its capabilities and potential.

Contact us to find out how GCON4 can customise Unit4 Business World features to increase the power of the solution for your company.

GCON4 has guided the institute to a successful go live within 6 months and had gone the extra mile to understand business processes, ability to harmonize conflicting interests by offering technical options and knowledge sharing based on previous implementation experiences.

Isaac Kihara, ICT Business Systems Coordinator, ILRI

The implementation of Unit4 Business World was a success.... CIAT was able to go live much earlier than planned because of the commitment of GCON4 who had gone the extra mile to understand the organizational processes and people during the implementation. GCON4 is among our trusted suppliers.

Mario Andres Velasquez, Project Manager, CIAT


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