People-centric ERP designed for the speed of business

Unit4 Business World ERP Solution

The ERP solution, Unit4 Business World (formerly Agresso) has been designed for our customers and their people to excel and become the best in their industry by enabling them to adapt to new conditions faster, cheaper and without the usual disruption associated. This is achieved due to the ERP’s architecture and a smart use of social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies.

Unit4 Business World ERP advantages

Unit4 Business World (formerly Agresso) was designed from the ground up to enable our customers to embrace most (>95%) forms of business change themselves, without requiring intervention from IT experts – all done simply, quickly and cost-effectively.

Unit4 Business World’s architecture smartly couples three core areas to move in lockstep: Data model (information), process model (workflow) and delivery model (reporting & analytics). Any changes made in one area automatically flow into the other, without needing to re-do or re-check for accuracy.

Empowering people
With its clear, uncluttered user interface, role- and task-focused software, and smart collaborative design, Business World delivers all the support that your people need to optimise productivity and service delivery across your organisation, particularly in times of change.

Because the ERP intelligently “knows” who and what people are connected, and from there, what rules apply to utilise this. This provides organisations with a fundamental advantage: puts collaboration at the heart of your business. Colleagues stay close and information is always at their fingertips; answers are just a click away, they can discuss and resolve queries in a matter of minutes, long before they ever become issues.

With 24×7 access, whatever your preferred device, and with mobile apps to complete a wide range of tasks on the move, you’ve got everything you need to do your job – when you want, where you want, how you want.

Unit4 Business World ERP capabilities

Financial management
Unit4 Business World equips the office of the CFO with a top-tier core financial/accounting solution, including GL, AP, AR, asset accounting, and other core functions, as well as multi-company, multi-currency, and multi-lingual capabilities.

Easily meeting both statutory and management demands for information, the finance team can rely on Business World for rapid financial insights and answers to help minimise risks, respond to business change and seize opportunities.

Planning, budgeting & forecasting
Our comprehensive database-driven tools replace the use of multiple, disparate, unlinked spreadsheets to assist organisations in the areas of financial planning and budgeting, resource planning, project planning, and forecasting.

Now, all participants in the planning and budgeting cycles, even in the largest, most complex or fast-changing businesses, can access a “single version of the truth”, from which to plan and make decisions.

Human resources
Unit4 Business World helps you get the best from your organisation’s most important assets – your people. Your HR team gains a single point of control to access, process, operate and manage all aspects of the organisation’s hire-to-retire cycle and payroll functions.

Our solution offers a swift response to new organisational demands or legislation, so you can react to change, reduce ownership costs and keep HR information organised and under control, no matter how varied, fast-changing or intricate.

Procurement management
Unit4 Business World supports, automates and standardises all stages of the indirect purchasing and procurement cycle – from requisitioning and supplier selection through to goods receipt, invoicing and paying vendors.

Procurement managers can now keep costs down and streamline procurement practices, without sacrificing control. The ERP frees up time, so your people can focus on managing and negotiating stronger supplier relationships, scrutinising spend, and optimising purchase decisions.

Projects & people management
Project Planner, our integrated end-to-end project management solution, is the best way to optimise, automate and manage the people and processes involved. It covers the entire project lifecycle – from start through to resourcing and costing, and all the way to billing, reporting and analysis.

Because Unit4 Business World reflects business changes seamlessly and instantly, managers always have a comprehensive, accurate view of their project’s progress and detailed definition, costing and resourcing information needed for effective planning, coordination and decision-making.

Social and collaboration tools
A range of smart, fully integrated social and collaboration tools play a major part in Unit4 Business World’s outstanding usability and fine-tuned functionality. Context-based chat and screen-sharing features allow users to discuss and share information with colleagues and capture conversations in the context of the business, whether about an invoice, a project, a customer, a supplier, an expense claim, etc.

Mobile apps
Unit4 Business World keeps you connected with your team and the system, so you can work more conveniently and effectively, however and wherever you need to. It is designed for today’s mobile world and includes a range of sophisticated and intuitive apps.

Reporting & analytics
As an integral part of Unit4 Business World, these straightforward but powerful tools allow you to realise the full potential of Business World’s unique and extremely flexible information model. These tools continue to surprise every single Agresso customer by delivering unlimited intelligence, analytics and insights to people at any level, even in the largest, most complex or diverse organisation.

Our integrated, intuitive analytics tools empower users to quickly and easily access the precise information they need. Thanks to Business World’s unique IT architecture, the reports always stay in sync with business or organisational changes, without having to call in IT experts.

Self-Driving ERP

Unit4 Business World makes processes much more efficient by automating tasks, suggesting actions and providing valuable insights and business context to decisions. It's built to adapt to the changing needs of business and people, rather than forcing them to follow static processes.


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